Mind Mapping.

Last Friday we had a mind mapping workshop, as part of Change by Design.

I’ve never really been a mind-mapper (I’ve always been a messy list-maker!), but I suppose that’s because I’ve never really learned how to do them properly. They were always just this thing that other people do, that has specific rules that you have to adhere to, and I never really understood why I’d have to follow these rules that don’t really make sense to me. After our workshop, I can now kind of see how mind maps are useful. It probably won’t always be the first thing I think of to do, but I can certainly now understand the point of them! My only problem, really, with mind maps is putting images on them – I felt like I was having to work extra hard to think of an image to match what I was thinking of, when I could have just used a word.

Group mind mapping exercise.

Busy bees!

Group evaluation and constructive criticism.


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About Hannah

I'm Hannah, a twenty-something-year-old textile design student from Scotland. I'm learning a lot, and I want to learn more.

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