Monday’s My-New-Favourites.

My Lomography Actionsampler.

I love anything see-through!

My new favourite thing right now is my Actionsampler camera. It’s small, it’s plastic, it’s awesome! It takes your picture four times! I accidentally reached the end of my film on Thursday – I’d thought it had 36 shots, but it only had 24! – and persuaded Iain to drop it off at Jessops in town for me on Saturday. He picked up the prints for me too, because I was having an epic lie-in, and it was so exciting to open up that envelope and rifle through my never-before-seen photos! There’s something quite romantic about using film, I think. We’re so used to instant gratification when it comes to everything photographs these days; it was quite exciting but also very frustrating not to be able to see what I’d just shot. It’s such a common thing to go completely snap-happy with my digital camera and then just delete, delete, delete. I’d never used this camera before either, so I was also a bit dubious as to whether it would actually work properly, since it’s just a cheap wee plastic thing.

Some of my prints are spectacular failures due to not having enough light or me pointing the camera in entirely the wrong direction, but some turned out really well, and I think I’ll definitely keep this camera handy when I go on adventures, because I really like the kitschy effect it delivers! I especially like the multi-exposure parts between the frames – I’ve actually been reading up on how to do double-exposures and how to reuse an already-exposed film by fishing out the wound-in end and reloading it into the camera, so I’m sure I’ll have enough photographic experiments to keep me busy for quite a while!

I uploaded a few of the more successful pictures to Flickr, but here are a couple of my favourites:

Actionsampler plane!

It's a plane. Four times!

Actionsampler graffiti man!

It's a man cleaning graffiti off a wall. Four times!

Actionsampler Forth Railway Bridge!

It's the Forth Railway Bridge. Four times!


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