Wrapping it up.


Sparkly baubles on my actual-real-life tree.

I’m not known for my Christmas spirit. I’m quite a grumpy old man, really; I don’t much like shopping, “enforced jollity”, or people feeling obligated to run out and spendspendspend. Maybe it comes from working in a shop, and from about mid-September witnessing shoppers become more and more stressed and rabid and worried about not getting something “good enough”, or maybe I am actually just a grumpy old man inside. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas Day is awesome. I love the actual day, where you get to eat chocolate for breakfast and hang around with people you love and have lots of food and play with new toys and watch Dr Who.

One thing I do love about the run up to Christmas is wrapping presents. When I worked at Lush, one of my favourite things was wrapping gift boxes for people, and things haven’t changed. Wrapping paper! Ribbons! It’s great! Not even sticky tape disasters can dampen my spirits when I’m wrapping things!

You just can’t beat brown paper. I love me some brown paper. This year, I bought a cheap rubber stamp and an ink pad (the paint pen is an old favourite!) and went to town, printing my own personalised wrapping paper.

Simple personalised wrapping paper.

Brown paper, stamp, ink pad, paint pen.

Simple stuff!

Simple stuff!

Stamp, stamp, paint.

Paper, stamp, paint!


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About Hannah

I'm Hannah, a twenty-something-year-old textile design student from Scotland. I'm learning a lot, and I want to learn more.

2 responses to “Wrapping it up.”

  1. kateshrewsday says :

    That paper is awesome! Such a simple idea, but so effective! Thanks for that…..and I am SO with you on the whole Chocolate For Breakfast thing.

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