Fisheye all the flowers!

I have just bought myself a macro and fisheye lens adapter for my camera. I was very prepared for it to be absolutely rubbish, but I actually love it. I’m sure gear purists will scoff, I’m really pleased with my new toy. For the money, it gives a really good fisheye effect, and the macro attachment is fun too. I made a trip to the botanic gardens today to scout out their collection of tropical and interesting plants (“Where do you keep your flowers that eat things, please?”), and I was a little bit disappointed because the pitcher plants were all looking a bit sad and brown and… well, gross. I also couldn’t seem to find any Venus flytraps or sundews or anything, so began to think maybe they didn’t have any, but there were definitely flytraps on one of their garden guides, so perhaps I just missed them.

Here’s a pretty flower fisheye picture for now, dear blog. I will update again soon with more pictures from my garden visit and thoughts about my recent and upcoming uni work.



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I'm Hannah, a twenty-something-year-old textile design student from Scotland. I'm learning a lot, and I want to learn more.

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