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Things I’ve done recently.

Here, have all the photos.

Recently I’ve seen some awesome things at DJCAD’s degree show:

had a surprise Saturday off work:

and visited Camperdown Wildlife Centre on a sunny Monday afternoon (I love the idea, but in the end seeing animals in cages always makes me a bit sad):



On Saturday Iain took me on a wee post-work adventure to Newport and Wormit beach to take pictures. It was good fun, although I wasn’t exactly prepared or dressed appropriately for climbing over slippery, seaweed-covered rocks and sliding through muddy puddles. It was a bit cold and miserable (I thought my fingers were going to freeze off), but the sunset was beautiful.

The Olympic torch relay, Baxter Park

The Olympic torch came to Dundee yesterday, which was quite exciting! I mean, it’s not often that this sort of thing happens in my little city.  I met Iain after work for a walk through the very busy town centre, and then we made our way to Baxter Park. It was really nice to see so many people just hanging out in one place and (mostly) having a good time and getting along.

We watched performances by Emeli Sandé (good), Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher (good) and were given a total of 10 free Nature Valley cereal bars (good). The crowd was a little bit lacklustre and difficult to ‘work’ sometimes, and pretty much as soon as the cauldron was lit people started leaving – even though there were people on stage still talking (some schoolkids, the Lord Provost, and a local MSP), which I felt bad about. But I think everyone seemed to have a good time, in the end. I do kind of wish we’d made our way over to the other side of the park to see what was going on over there; apparently people could have their photo taken while holding an actual Olympic torch, which would have been a fun thing to do.

Things I dug today…

Today I almost went for a brisk-walk-slash-attempted-run but didn’t, and then headed to uni for a proper nosey around the textiles department degree show and a final wee meeting with my 4th year mentor, Eilidh (everyone should have one!).  If you haven’t been already, I’d really encourage you to visit the DJCAD degree show – it’s open 10am to 4pm this weekend. I took an extended walk home in an attempt to experience fresh air and that thing they call sunlight, and here’s a couple of things I dug along the way:

Blue skies,

yellow shoes,

and graffiti.

This graffiti appears to depict a dinosaur riding a penguin riding a giraffe. Genuinely three of my favourite things!


My BFF LJ took me to Pittenweem yesterday to sit around on some rocks and wear her beautiful, scented (!) cape. Then she provided fish and chips for lunch (thank you!) and on the way home we swapped some of our pennies for some of Bibi’s delicious cupcakes. Good day!