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Things I’ve done recently.

Here, have all the photos.

Recently I’ve seen some awesome things at DJCAD’s degree show:

had a surprise Saturday off work:

and visited Camperdown Wildlife Centre on a sunny Monday afternoon (I love the idea, but in the end seeing animals in cages always makes me a bit sad):


Things I dug today…

Today I almost went for a brisk-walk-slash-attempted-run but didn’t, and then headed to uni for a proper nosey around the textiles department degree show and a final wee meeting with my 4th year mentor, Eilidh (everyone should have one!).  If you haven’t been already, I’d really encourage you to visit the DJCAD degree show – it’s open 10am to 4pm this weekend. I took an extended walk home in an attempt to experience fresh air and that thing they call sunlight, and here’s a couple of things I dug along the way:

Blue skies,

yellow shoes,

and graffiti.

This graffiti appears to depict a dinosaur riding a penguin riding a giraffe. Genuinely three of my favourite things!