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End of teaching.

That’s it. The end of teaching time for the semester, for the year. This is bananas.

I got some really good feedback on my SDC project today – I was told that I was very high on the list of people to be entered into the competition, and that I’d produced the best set of presentation boards that Andy had ever seen from me. This was all really great to hear – I feel like the start of this year was really slow for me, and I really didn’t enjoy myself or my projects much, and the SDC project really opened me up and turned things around a bit. I got a bit of constructive criticism, and Andy said that the digitally printed and hand-finished sample I included on my presentation board was much better and more engaging that the plain hand printed one. I agree with him and explained that I’d had many grand plans for my digital prints, but was unable to carry through with them because the prints took for ever to come back. I’d really like to continue to work on my extra fabric samples, but our access to the workshop has been closed off so that the fourth years have enough space and time to work on their final pieces, so I think (depending on time) that I’ll do a bit more paper work and create an extra presentation board with some alternative designs and colour options just in paper.

We’ve had our last Design and the Market session, and now have to produce a 2000 word personal enterprise proposal. We’ve worked through NESTA’s creative enterprise toolkit and had some absolutely fantastic talks from some incredible speakers (Patricia van den Akker came to speak to us and I’ve never taken so many notes so quickly – 6 sides of A4, plus some sneaky phone photos of her slides so I can come back to them later!). My only problem is that throughout the workshops I haven’t really had a solid business idea – I want to design and make things for sure, but I haven’t had that spark of an idea that has ignited a passion in me. I really want to focus on personal branding, because I feel that where ever I end up going after uni (working for a design company, working freelance alongside having a “real” job, or going into business for myself) this would be very beneficial to me. I’ve mentioned in posts before about how I want to “discover who I am” and I feel that identifying my values and passions using the NESTA worksheets has really helped with that, and I’m sure that expanding this idea into my fourth year report will set me up really well. I just have no idea how to go about doing it. I feel a bit like I’ve floated through the workshops without a solid idea and now that I don’t want to write a business plan I’m a bit lost.


Design in the Market

I have recently begun a new module at uni called Design & the Market, which aims to “introduce students to enterprise culture and terminology and to place the practice of design within a business context.” It all sounds very clever and like a bit of hard work, but so far our lectures have been pretty interesting. We’ve been told some really interesting things about how the world of work and design is progressing. It’s a scary thought, really, that in a year and a half I’ll be finished with uni and in the real, grown-up world. One of the things that has stuck with me from the first DitM lecture is the saying “make a job, don’t take a job”. It’s going to be down to us to create our own futures, our own careers; the top ten jobs that will be in demand in 2015 didn’t even exist in 2005!

I would really like to use this module to work on personal branding as this isn’t really something I’ve thought about. Last year I learned a bit about branding and identity, and we were shown some tools to help us to define ourselves and our target market, and I’m really looking forward to figuring out who I am.