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On Saturday Iain took me on a wee post-work adventure to Newport and Wormit beach to take pictures. It was good fun, although I wasn’t exactly prepared or dressed appropriately for climbing over slippery, seaweed-covered rocks and sliding through muddy puddles. It was a bit cold and miserable (I thought my fingers were going to freeze off), but the sunset was beautiful.



My BFF LJ took me to Pittenweem yesterday to sit around on some rocks and wear her beautiful, scented (!) cape. Then she provided fish and chips for lunch (thank you!) and on the way home we swapped some of our pennies for some of Bibi’s delicious cupcakes. Good day!


NeoN11 finale.

Dundee from the Law.

Dundee at night from the top of the Law.

Last night, after a long, woeful day at work, Iain made me walk up the Law. It was horrible. It was dark, and muddy, and cold, and steep. But it was totally worth it in the end. It was the NeoN finale (although it wasn’t really the end of the festival, since there was still stuff going on today), and it was good. There was a bit of Tagtool, a bit of performance art, and a bit of dancing-with-LEDs.

I’ve not been able to attend any NeoN stuff so far, although my boyfriend has and has told me all about it, so it was really nice to go along to this. I’m really happy that there’s such a creative, artsy scene in Dundee, and really hope to go out and participate in things more often. Participating in things is good.